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How you can reduce energy bills under ECO4 SCHEME in 2024

ECO4 Grant Scheme

The government has put an obligation to the energy companies to invest back into UK households to make them more energy efficient.

In partnership with Energy Saving Trust, such schemes have been running from quite a few years helping thousands of households get new, better and more energy efficient.

We are an approved installer from the Energy Saving Trust, OFGEM and GasSafe. We are also PAS 2030 accredited which ensures all installations are compliant to Building Regulations and of very high standard.

You may get help with the cost of

ECO4 Grant Scheme

Complete the form to verify whether you’re able to get access to this currently available ECO4 Government funding.
This isn’t a binding commitment. It’s merely to determine whether you and your property meet the criteria and what measures and funding are accessible to you.

One of our team will be in touch to walk about the process, explain the amount of funding available, and schedule you to have a no-cost home survey.

Free Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation

The scheme is available for a variety of home improvements that reduce carbon emissions, including insulation.

If you are eligible, you might be eligible forĀ loft insulation grantĀ orĀ free cavity wall insulation.

Cavity walls are two layers of brick that have a cavity between them. Cavity wall insulation, or CWI, is the process of inserting insulation in a small gap between them.

We use materials like foam, mineral wool, or bead, depending on the cavity wall type.

Standard loft insulation can be used in most homes. Rolls of insulation are applied over floor joists.

If your home has an accessible, dry loft, you can insulate it.

cavity wall Insulation
solid wall insulation

Solid Wall Insulation Grant (EWI & IWI)

Utilizing the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) financing, We can provide solid wall insulation without the requirement of any cost-sharing from our clients.

About 35% of the heat loss from your home is through its exterior walls which means that if your home is built of solid walls and you are looking for a cheaper solution, your choices for options are limited.

No insulation can result in substantially more expensive energy bills and the chance of mould and damp increasing.

Get free internal and external solid wall insulation by Climate Insulation Limited. Check if your home is eligible to receive the grant here – it is quick and easy!

Fully Funded Room in Roof Insulation

Room in the Roof is an area of living located in the roof that is accessible by a fixed staircase and windows of any kind.

The formation of rooms in roofs could be different based on the type of roof. The typical roof space is a dormer house and a pitched roofing equipped with Velux windows.

Our team from Climate Insulation Limited is experienced in the process of insulating all roofs which are prone to losing heat.

With the UK government grant, you might be able to get your pitched or dormer roof upgraded.

Room in roof insulation

The team at Climate Insulation Limited is certified and qualified to handle all your heating and energy upgrades

The team at Climate Insulation Limited is certified and qualified to handle all your heating and energy upgrades

We're here to help you keep your home warm and cosy!


We can help you replace your existing electric storage system with a more energy-efficient solution. Want to upgrade completely and invest in a zero carbon system that will keep you warm and save the planet? We can help you with the most suitable option!

Heat pump - low carbon heating for your home

It’s a cost-effective, low carbon alternative in place of gas LPG or other electricity heating systems.


We're on a mission to help customers reduce their reliance on electricity and make the switch to gas system heating.

Smart meters - helping you save energy

Smart meters are more modern form of electricity, or gas meters. Energy providers are all installing them as part of an upgrade to the energy systems.

Smart meters also provide automatic meter readings. You get one meter for gas and one for electricity. The meters then automatically send your usage to your supplier.

Smart meter

Smart meters have an easy-to-use in-home display called an IHD. This is where you can view how much energy you're consuming and the cost.

Under the Government funded ECO4 scheme, you will receive a free home energy improvement!

Under the Government funded ECO4 scheme, you will receive a free home energy improvement!

What is EPC rating and how to improve it

Find out all about Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and how you can improve your home’s energy efficiency

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) tells about house energy efficiency which is valid for 10 years. It’s essential to purchasing or selling a house as it can give you an idea of:

– Energy bills
– Carbon emissions
– What you can do to improve its energy efficiency

Take an examination of the house’s EPC to determine how you can cut down on your energy bills as well as carbon emissions. If you’ve made modifications to your home, be sure you get an updated EPC issued. You can check the status of your home’s EPC via government’s website.

How to improve your EPC rating

The process of improving your EPC will improve the efficiency of your home’s energy. This also means that you can cut your energy costs and make your home more comfortable and cozier while reducing the carbon footprint. Here are a few methods to boost your EPC:

You must getting at least one of the following benefit for the eligibility of ECO4 Grant

Apply For ECO4 Grant

We had the privilege of benefiting from Climate Insulation Limited's comprehensive services under the Eco4 scheme, including cavity wall insulation, boiler installation, underfloor insulation, and loft insulation. The impact on our home has been nothing short of amazing. The cavity wall insulation has significantly improved our home's energy efficiency, leading to noticeable reductions in our heating bills. The boiler installation has provided consistent warmth and hot water, making winter months more bearable. The underfloor insulation has transformed the comfort of our living spaces, while the loft insulation has made a remarkable difference in temperature regulation. The entire process was handled with exceptional professionalism and attention to detail. The installation teams were knowledgeable, efficient, and respectful of our home. Climate Insulation Limited's commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in every aspect of their work. We are genuinely grateful for the enhanced comfort and significant savings these services have brought us. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a comprehensive and effective solution to improve home efficiency and comfort.
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