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Best Heat pumps 2024

Heat Pump

Heat pumps can be used in almost any home and depending on which system is being replaced, may reduce your energy bills.

Heat pumps get heat from the outside and move it inside your home.

Although it uses electricity, the heat energy that is delivered to your home by the heat pump is far more than the electrical energy required to run the system.

As more renewable energy sources are connected to electricity grids, they replace existing coal and gas power stations, electricity is becoming lower carbon.

A heat pump is a low-carbon heating option that will continue to increase as the electricity grid decarbonizes.
Heat pumps have been installed in the UK by thousands, with over 1.5 million installed in Europe alone in 2020.

To achieve our net zero goals, the UK Government anticipates that heat pumps will be needed to install millions of homes in the next 10-15 years.

Air source heat pumps

An air source heat pump is also known as an “air-to-water source” heat pump.

They transfer heat from the outside to water and heat your rooms using radiators or underfloor heat.

It can heat water stored inside a hot water container for your hot taps. Heat is absorbed by fluid from the air.

This fluid then flows through a heat exchanger into a heat pump which raises the temperature and transfers heat to water.

You can watch more information about heat pumps, including details and system design in the video.

Benefits of Heat Pump

Energy bills

Lower Fuel Bills

cut carbon emissions

Cut Carbon Emissions

Heat Your Home

Heat up Water

Air source heat pumps

The air source heating systems can be used for various home types as they are the largest and most popular kind of domestic heat pump with thousands of installations throughout the UK.

But, there are a few things to be consider before deciding whether an air source heat pump is the right choice for you.

Does a heating system save money on energy bills?

The running costs will be based on the way your heat pump is built as well as how it operates. Savings on energy bills will depend on the unit replacing.

There are potential annual savings from installing a typical air source heat pump including any recommended upgrades for radiators in a typical detached house with four bedrooms

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Is a heat pump suitable for your property? 

Do you have place to install air source heat pump?

There must be a space outside your house in which a unit is attached to an exterior wall or placed upon the floor.


It needs to have some space so that it can allow proper circulation of air.

There are two kinds of heat sources


1. split
2. monobloc


A monobloc unit has all of the components within an outdoor unit that is with water pipes that connect into the heating unit centrally as well as an a hot water cylinder in your home.


A split system divides the elements between the indoor and outdoor units.


If a split or monobloc system is suitable for your needs will be determined by your expenses as well as the space you have available.


Monobloc systems are less expensive and faster to install and do not take up as much space inside your home, but they’re typically less in efficiency than split-systems.


The efficiency gains in split systems is due to the heat transfer into the building, which is warmer, which means less heat is lost.


If you’re not restricted by the space in your home, it could be worth the additional expense to install a split-system.

The installer will be able to walk about the options available and assist you in choosing the best for you.

How much noise does a heat pump make?

The external unit used for the heat pump is the same for split and monobloc heat pumps.


The noise is generated by huge fans that move air over an exchanger.


If the heat pump is not operating at a high rate (i.e. in the colder months or producing high temperatures of water) You can anticipate the sound to be a similar level to that of a refrigerator.



You can easily have conversations with your normal voice.


As the weather gets colder it will make the noise more loud when it’s running, but will still let you be able to hold a conversation comfortably by speaking a bit louder.


The unit inside split systems only includes valves and pumps and produces noise a little bit.

Type of heating system to heat your home

The majority of homes employ underfloor heating or radiators to distribute hot water.


If you don’t have radiators on your property then you can install them.


This is a good chance to make sure that the system is designed to work with the heat pump, which will result in lower operating cost.

Use hot water cylinder

A typical heat pump does not supply hot water as the combi boiler, therefore you’ll need a method to store hot water at the time you require it.


The size of the hot water cylinder needed will be contingent on the quantity of hot water your family typically consumes however, the cylinder will typically fit inside any cabinet that is about 80x80cm.

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