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Best First Time Central Heating 2024

First Time Central Heating

In recent years, a new funding has appeared for properties which never have had a centralized heating installed ever in the history of the dwelling.

This means if the property has always been heated by individual gas or electric heaters.

First-time-central heating grants are available for full or a large portion of the cost depending on the type or property and existing heating arrangement.

First Time Central Heating (FTCH) grants are part of the Energy Company Obligation 4 (ECO4), A government-funded scheme financed by utility companies.

ECO3 grant was introduced in 2018, but in April 2022, ECO4 entered and we’re incredibly proud to be an authorized installer.

This section of ECO assists low-income households in getting funding to install central heating.

In certain areas in the nation, you can find houses without central heating systems, but do have radiators and boilers.

With the help of the ECO scheme and the funding provided by the LA Flex scheme, homeowners are now eligible for 100% grant-funded assistance towards the first installing central heating.

Since the money is a grant and not an actual loan, it doesn’t have to be paid back and may cover a substantial portion of the costs involved in installing central heating into your home.

There may be a chance to get enough money to pay for the entire installation; however certain people only receive a small portion of the money and are required to pay for the cost.

Can I get it?

If you qualify for a benefit, the government could give you the funds to set up central heating in your house for the first time.
You will not be eligible for the grant if you already have central heating.

The eligibility requirements for the First Time Central Heating Grant are the same as applicable to the ECO scheme. You must be receiving benefits like Child Benefits or Houseing Benefit etc., and when your income is less than a specified limit. For more information, refer to the ECO Scheme eligibility guidelines.

You must be receiving benefits for the ECO4 eligibility and must be a homeowner or private tenant and the property has to meet the Energy Performance Certificate rating requirements.

With Lifetime Savings, we not only assist homeowners with eligibility for grants for first-time central heating but we also can assist with installing your brand new central heating system following the highest standard of craftsmanship.

Apply for the ECO4 Grant

When you submit an online application for a grant, you’ll be contacted by a Registered Installer to ensure you fulfill the criteria.

They’ll determine what benefits you are getting and confirm your eligibility (whether you’re a private renter or you own your house).

Additionally, you’ll be asked about the efficiency of your home and maybe information regarding your EPC.

You can apply for the ECO4 grant through Climate Insulation Limited.

Our highly skilled surveyors will visit your house for free according to your scheduled date. Our team can provide energy-saving suggestions and determine if you and your home are suitable for grants from government officials from the UK government.

Our surveyor will examine your heating system which is currently in use and assess the heat loss of the dwelling. You may not only be eligible for the free Central Heating program, but you could also be eligible for other grant measures like cavity or solid wall insulation, boiler or heat pump installation which lower your current heating bills, which will help the UK government reduce its carbon emissions.

Your home should have no heating or only electric room heaters, including direct-acting room heaters, fan heaters, or inefficient electric heaters for storage.

In determining your eligibility to receive the First Time Central Heating Grant, We will consider your current system as one that appears as the “Main Heating System” within the EPC register.

To qualify for First Time Central Heating Grant, your home must have adequate loft insulation. If your home has a cavity wall, it must be insulated.

If your home isn’t equipped with loft insulation or cavity wall insulation at the time of application, then we will be able to arrange it for you.

Apply For First Time Central Heating under ECO4 Grant

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