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ECO4 Eligibility

ECO4 eligibility depends upon two factors

  • House EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
  • Homeowner/Tenant eligibility

House Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Properties with EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) bands D, E, F, and G quality.

E, F, and G band properties are more likely to get all measures funded.

D band properties will most likely need a contribution but A, B, and C band properties don’t qualify for ECO4 grant.

Eligibility Evidence

ECO4 companies ask following documents to check the grant eligibility.

  1. Official letter from HMRC, DWP / Jobcentre Plus, HM Government or Pension Service
  2. Name of person who in receipt of benefit, benefit type and benefit address must be written on the document
  3. Benefit letter should not be expired
  4. Bank statement if needed

ECO4 Eligibility Requirements Form           

If you are taking child benefit then there is income thresholds based upon the number of children or qualifying young persons

Type of claimant1234 or more
Single claimant£19,900£24,800£29,600£34,500
Member of a couple£27,500£32,300£37,200£42,000
Child Benefit Income Threshold